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MyAir 5 is an advanced air conditioning systems controller. It allows for individual temperature settings in different rooms via an android tablet.

My Air 5 can connect to most reverse cycle systems and some gas ducted heating systems.

The tablet controls not only room temperatures but also the equipment itself. The tablet is connected via your home WIFI and can perform many other duties, such as: email, facebook, family photos, weather and, 3rd party systems such as home security. Really, anything that is online can be on your tablet and any product that has a downloadable application can be synched to the tablet.

  • Compatible with all major airconditioner and heater brands
  • Superior 8-inch tablet with internet access
  • Stylish and simple to use
  • MyAir app for smartphones and tablets
  • Option of room temperature sensors
  • Option of room motion sensors
  • Australian owned, designed and manufactured


Smart Air Conditioning

MyAir is a premium air conditioning system with 10 zones and individual room airflow control. Using the hub or app, it's easy to tailor the temperature of every room to your idea of perfect comfort, save favourite settings and save energy. MyAir has been developed to seamlessly integrate with MyLights.

Smart Air Conditioning System


Smart Lighting System

MyLights is a new, smart LED lighting system that gives you the comfort and security of being able to control your lights from anywhere. Now you can adjust every light from 10% to 100% brightness, monitor which lights are on, and turn everything ON or OFF with a single tap of the hub or app. MyLights has been developed to integrate seamlessly with MyAir.

Smart Lighting System


Internet Connected Control Panel

As daily life migrates online, it's handy to have a dedicated tablet for the home. In addition to controlling your airconditioning and smart lighting, a tap of the Android icon converts the hub to a super-fast, 8" tablet with crystal clear graphics.
MyPlace lets you keep track of the family's calendar, check emails, order groceries, play music, pay bills and so much more' all from a centrally located hub that never needs charging, or goes missing!

Internet Connected Control Panel

MyAir App

for additional control

MyAir comes with its own app that turns most smartphones or tablets into remote controls, allowing you to control the system even when you're not at home. It works on both Apple and Android devices (iOS7+ and Android V4+).

Smartphone and tablet app
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